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Random things in May

June 1, 2014 by nicolas, tagged music, project and design, filed under commentary

0. I got married at the end of April

feat. on twitter

1. Tim Rogers & Benett Foddy discussing sports

In a panel (Youtube video) at Indiecade East 2014, Tim Rogers & Benett Foddy, two game designers are discussing and ranking sports in terms of the quality of their game design.

2. The common swift made its way to Berlin on 05/07

A pretty amazing bird that eat/drink/sleep/mate in the air and can go for years without ever going on the ground. We have a few nests next to our appartment.. They’re really fast.

3. Patterns, the defacto scrum standard

James Coplien on Scrum:

  • The history of scrum, patterns
  • Scrum is about responsibility, trust, self-management to improve efficiency
  • Why are you doing daily stand-ups? retros? daily scrum?
  • How do you treat bugs? When should decisions to be made?
  • Using patterns to wake up common-sense…
  • Gathering and analysing patterns in one’s organisation. Creating a dialog around it.
  • Going back to the roots
  • It’s all about becoming, not about being or about doing.

4. ElMobo (ex-Moby) new release

Where he dusts off his amiga and releases some old .mods

Dusting off the amiga on Bandcamp.

5. 4mat releases Nadir

an album which synthesizes a whole lot of influences:

Nadir on Bandcamp