Live Performances

  • 2010Windy Hill Mill
    Visuals for Windy Hill Mill (US/JP band) at Gare Aux Gorilles in Paris, November 19th.

    Custom MacOSX software w/ Monome controller

  • live visuals: TPOLM Lazy Sunday Video

    Live visual performances with Frank Bolero of Sweden.

    Custom MacOSX software

  • 2008live visuals: demovibes#2
    dvlive2.htm [demovibes.org]

    Live visual performance as part of the demovibes live#2.

    Custom MacOSX software.

    Performed in Marseilles, Espace Julien on October 18th 2008.

  • 2006live vj w/ gaston - knos+gaston.nsv
  • live vj w/ kracfive - knos+krac5.nsv
    dec06 [lsr.tpolm.org]

    live vj-ing over live music by gaston and kracfive.

    Custom Playstation 2 software.

    Performed on the TPOLM Lazy Sunday Radio.

  • neq vs sushibrother
    lsv200603 [tpolm]
    article [uucidl]

    Live vj-ing on live music by sushibrother. Custom PC Engine software.

    performed on the TPOLM Lazy Sunday Radio

Executable (demos/games/programs)




  • 2007FMX’07 Scene.org Awards DVD

    Captures, production.

  • 2006FMX’06 Scene.org Awards DVD


  • 2005FMX’05 Scene.org Awards DVD