A word on my github repositories

March 16, 2014 by nicolas, filed under projects

Historically my programming output has always been largely hidden, first because the code I develop professionally is rarely opensource, as were also my personal projects (Demos, Visualism, Net) or even personal tools.

As you probably have seen, I have started publishing more code on github. In particular my goal is to publish libraries or code that I use in personal or business projects, when they are worthwhile to share to the larger community.

I would also love to see outside contributions of any form: code contributions, comments/criticisms etc..

To help you make sense of the degree of maturity of my public repositories, I’ve been marking my work in progress repositories with a pre prefix, and explorations/experiments under the exp prefix.

All the other repositories, either with no or with another prefix such as uu are those I consider ready for external consumption.


  • uu. : mature repositories
  • pre. : work in progress
  • exp. : explorations / hacks