micros, a playground for demos

December 1, 2013 by nicolas, tagged programming, filed under tools

A little modern playground for writing demos against OSX or Windows, with an emphasis on making it possible to collaborate easily between multiple individuals.

The build system is self-contained, it enforces a strict coding standard with warnings all activated and automatically formatting the code for you.

It standardizes on C++11 and OpenGL 3.2 and targets Darwin/OSX past 10.7 (Lion) and NT/Windows 7 and beyond.

It’s all on github ready to be forked or downloaded

Fork it, and compose your demo inside src/. Start with main.cpp to get an idea.

The runtime will be improved later with some non-essential convenience code for demo making and also user interaction & packaging, which you’ll be able to incorporate within your own repo as long as you’re willing to rebase to upstream, and don’t modify the runtime or build system too much.

The runtime’s API is voluntarily minimalistic, otherwise you would use the APIs directly.

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