What's up since October 2010?

April 9, 2011 by nicolas

Hello everyone,

Since last post, I have been invited in november 2010 to do visuals for Windy Hill Mill in Paris at the Gare Aux Gorilles. This was a great opportunity for me to update my live visual code to load arbitrary videos. QuickTime made it possible, on a very short schedule, to integrate full motion videos in my normal OpenGL setup. Unfortunately the place was not ideal for projections, and I ended up projecting onto the ceiling!

Later in January 2011, I also played with my friends of Windy Hill Mill in Brooklyn, NY at the Invisible Dog gallery, bringing some parisian flavour to the show. My setup there was a monome 64 and the MLR sample manipulation program. You should check the photos!

Also worth noting, I did the soundtrack for a short movie by Eva Pervolovici called “Danger de Mort.” A short clashing dreamlike photography with a facetious narration.

Coaching programmers and would-be programmers has also been a very rewarding experience. I’ve been teaching some basics about audio/game programming in C, some methodology, and also been working to demystify the harmful abstractions used in the JSF2/J2EE world. Enterprise programmers’ typical schedule is hindering their progress: Integration, configuration, reading documentation may comprise as much as 70% of their time. Combined with harmful abstractions, this leads to cases of impostor syndrome.

Til next time!

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