October 16, 2010 by nicolas, filed under works

Rbrch is a contemplative piece with an aquatic theme.


Each is about 1.5MB big and written in C. Both audio and visuals are generated.

Just contact me if it does not appear to run properly.

Requirements: SSE2, accelerated OpenGL graphics, an audio card.


Although you really should download and run the executable.


Rbrch was originally made as a gift for someone’s birthday. A demo meant as a sort of relaxing bubble, away from the urban greyness.

Care was taken in making it work on most basic computers, hence the absence of shaders and an attempt at detecting how fast the machine runs the particle system during the initial blank screen.


  • Uses the code base I cowrote for LN2’s.
  • PortAudio provides the audio interface
  • GLUT,GLEW provides the display interface
  • stb_image for image loading

Hope you liked it!