post-LSV notes, Frank Bolero and Knos

April 26, 2010 by nicolas, tagged live visuals, music and tpolm, filed under works

Frank Bolero and Knos, LSV 7010-04-25

The TPOLM Lazy Sunday Video was an absolute blast, with lots of nice live performances and visual works.

Esem’ music for instance felt satisfying on so many levels. Machinedrum’s was full of vigor. Sense’s and Frank Bolero’s were full of romanticism.

Magic happened amongst the technical difficulties in the visual department. I was particularly curious about Nebogeo’s live coding with his programming language, fluxus. Magic also happened with the video signal manipulation devices that Jdigittl had built for the occasion.

2010-04-26, 2010-05-02: the lazy sunday radio (audio only, so) actually kept playing for a week, each TPOLM DJ handing the station over to the next one in a different time zone. The sunday never really ended.

I participated in the form of visuals for the swedish musician Frank Bolero:

It was an honor and a great pleasure to do visuals on such a moody soundtrack.

You will soon be able to get all of these performances at

During the afterparty, I also did a 2h long live visuals improvisation on a dj set by alkama:

Credits & Acknowledgement


For the visuals’ photography and graphics, apart from my own private collection:

  • Matthew Turley
  • Kevin Cooley
  • Markus Nurmi
  • Annick Ligtermoet
  • Chris Foss
  • akindofterminus
  • Nicolas Rebierre
Programming libraries

Main code written specifically for the project, in collaboration with ln2. The following libraries were however used:

  • Hans Boehm’s Atomic Ops
  • Glew
  • Sean Barret’s stb_image
  • Glut
  • Steve Harris & Stephen Sinclair’s liblo